TRACKS - Behind Our Music
I Think Not
She Holds Me
What Is Not
10 Seconds
Outta Here
Maybe Just
Who Is Me
Prelude To
Strung Out On You


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Track 11 - "Outta Here ":

"You've got to stop this…you're killing yourself."

And with those fateful words Dave's entire world crumbled. The band had suspended working on "Outta Here" when Dave became winded while recording the vocals.

"Is this an intervention?" Dave asked while reaching into a Krispy Kreme bag.

"Look at yourself!" Chris said holding up a full-length mirror. (where he was hiding that we'll never know) "This 2K diet is not working for you or for us."

And staring at the rather robust image in the previously well concealed full-length mirror Dave broke down and began sobbing in Billy's arms…

Right after he finished the doughnut.

Engine #9 History Lesson #9....#9....#9:
Proceeds from the first 100 copies of "Enjoy The Buffet" went towards the purchase od a treadmill to aid Dave in his recovery.

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