TRACKS - Behind Our Music
I Think Not
She Holds Me
What Is Not
10 Seconds
Outta Here
Maybe Just
Who Is Me
Prelude To
Strung Out On You


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Track 14 - "Prelude To":

When we asked Knappy to compose an instrumental introduction for ”Strung Out On You” we had no idea that his vision would take us halfway around the world. He had a particular sound in his head, but was unable to duplicate it with the aid of modern technology. We had to get “old school” and I mean real old school…

Cut to a mountainside in the Alps. Picture three men in silly suits. For the sake of argument we’ll call them Chris, Dave and Billy. Under the direction of Knappy, these three men blow upon command and at that precise moment he yells…


That’s it…the sound…it’s an Alphorn. What did you think I was talking about?

Engine #9 History Lesson #4651:
While Knappy studied at a classical music conservatory, none of his training employed the use of the Alphorn before this album.

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