TRACKS - Behind Our Music
I Think Not
She Holds Me
What Is Not
10 Seconds
Outta Here
Maybe Just
Who Is Me
Prelude To
Strung Out On You


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“The Making of Enjoy The Buffet”

This is a track-by-track analysis of the writing and recording of “Enjoy The Buffet”. We will attempt to give you some insight into the songs from conception to completion and hopefully shed some light on this thing we call Engine #9.

The title “Enjoy The Buffet” was one of many suggestions being thrown around at the end of a long night of recording. As the brainstorming session progressed it became apparent to all of us that this catch phrase possibly uttered by a Vegas lounge singer sometime during the 50’s seemed to fit this collection of songs. At that moment a bright light shined, angels sang and in an orgasmic chorus we shouted


Well, maybe not…BUT, we all seemed to agree at roughly the same time (except for Chris…he’s a little slower than the rest of us…you know…the brain thing)

Now on to the dirt…

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